Our mission as watch makers is to pursue the highest standards of craftsmanship to provide our customers with unique, luxury timepieces.  It is, indeed, this pursuit of excellence that constitutes the very fundament of our company. Our team cleverly combines woods and metals to create products that epitomize the synergies between nature and technological innovation that results in a watch that transcends pure time measurement.

We strive to use all of our natural materials sensibly and sustainably, thereby contributing to the preservation of our planet.

We like to be on the cutting edge which is why time never really stands stills for us. 

Schwarz Watches – a watch – a masterpiece on your wrist


Our Models


Black – Crystal Clear - Perfect

A blue-accented hand enveloped in a cool, black stainless steel case paired with a magnetic bracelet combine to create a true, timeless piece of art on the wrist

A symphony of purity, precision and elegance makes wearing this watch an indescribable pleasure

Nova enchants and ensnares the senses making this time piece simply irresistible


Hera…  The Queen of Olympus

Pure timelessness paired with filigree elegance make this watch something very special

a combination of handmade wood and cool stainless steel forms combine the old gods with the new.  This timepiece would flatter the sensibilities of any Goddess.

Hera is the combination of stylishly elegance surrounded by pure harmony and order


natural charisma with style

A noble chronograph of imperishable elegance, it is fine handcrafting that brings out the beauty of the ebony and the zebra wood, thus accentuating the commanding character of the watch

cassinia -  distinctive, charismatic, powerful


A poetic combination of wood and grace

Inspired by nature, this model combines a sporty, comfortable design with a stunning air of luxury

starting with the careful selection of the wood, every part of this timepiece is meticulously crafted by hand

it is the attention to detail that captivates and seduces the senses

rose is a masterwork of wood, design and imperishable noblesse


a brilliant piece of undisturbed elegance

The purity and the power inherent in the steel make this watch an unmistakable symbol of precision and sophistication

the harmonious combination of high-quality stainless steel with wood inlays herald the unmatched design and extraordinary grace of this watch

sphere is timeless elegance and a homage to the modern man

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